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Tel: (01604) 713421.
Address: Trends Hair Studio,
52 Kingsley Park Terrace,
NN2 7HH.

Fake Bake NN2 Northampton Spray Tanning Service Hairdressers

Spray Tanning Fake Bake NN2 Northampton

Spray Tanning in NN2 Northampton

Spray Tanning in NN2 Northampton

Fake Bake NN2 Northampton Spray Tanning Air Brush

Fake Bake NN2 Northampton

Spray Tanning NN2 Northampton Fake Bake Fake Bake

New Style Or Classic Style; Where Are You In Your Trends?

Trends Hair Salon is a professionally run hairdressers based in NN2 Northampton which also offers a full spray tanning service.

Trends Hair, Nail and Beauty Salon is a long established professional hairdressing salon for ladies and gents. Based in NN2 Northampton, Trends have been styling hair for over 25 years in NN2 Northampton. All of our staff are fully trained, professional and qualified hair stylists. We offer a wide range of the latest hair cutting, hair colouring and hair styling techniques and Fake Bake services, all available in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at our shop in Kingsley, NN2 Northampton.

Our NN2 Northampton Spray Tanning Service uses the latest Products, Equipment and Techniques for a floorless even Spray Tan.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Will I go Orange? We only use high quality ingredients within our spray tan solutions thus helping to eliminate orange or streaky tans. Your qualified member of staff is experienced in producing streak-free tans and will ensure the correct solution is chosen for your skin tone.

How long does the treatment take? The actual spray tan procedure should take no longer than 10 – 15 mins although please allow a full 30mins so your therapist can go through your consultation. You will need to allow 8-10 hours for the tan to develop avoiding water and excessive exercise in that time frame.

How do I prepare? Exfoliate and ensure all hair removal is done at least 8 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. No products such as make-up, deodorant, moisturiser should be applied to the skin before your appointment as these could acts as a barrier.

Will I smell? Our solution contains a gentle soft unisex scent of lemongrass to eliminate any odours from DHA on the skin.

How long will it take to dry? Our Fake Bake solutions use optimising ingredients which are instantly drying.

How long will my tan last? Depending on your preparation prior to your tan, lifestyle and daily skincare regime your spray tan could last up to 7-10 days.

Is it safe? Yes DHA has been approved for use in the industry for over 30 years. Be aware Spray Tan Solutions contains NO SPF’s; protection is required to go out in the sun.

What if spray goes in my eyes? Spray tanning has been used in millions of treatments with no adverse reactions being reported.

How does it work? Spray tanning involves applying DHA to the skin using a specialist spray tanning machine. DHA then begins its reaction with the skin cells on the surface of the skin to appear naturally tanned.

What should I wear? Old dark underwear, swimsuit or bikini. For men Boxer or swim short/trunks would be suitable.

How long until I can shower? Allow the tan to develop for 8 – 10 hours before taking a shower.

Can the tan be removed? The colour from your tan can not be removed, but it will fade as the outer layer of the skin naturally sheds. You can help the process by exfoliating, however, do not over scrub. The tan will naturally fade over about 1 week.

Will the tan rub off? Tanning Solutions are sometimes transferrable and we cannot accept liability for the transfer of our products to clothing, especially Wedding Dresses as they are notoriously tight fitted and the tans can sometimes rub and may therefore not come off of the dress. Dry Cleaning can help this process of removal but it is not guaranteed that the rub off from tanning products will be completely removed.

Is there an age restriction? If you are under 16 years you must have parental consent.

Can I go swimming? Chlorine in swimming pools is a bleaching agent so will rapidly fade the tan.

How long before my next tan? Clients may have another spray tan 24hrs after their initial tan. We recommend 3 days after the first tan as the skin will be ready for a gentle exfoliation thus allowing the client to prepare the skin for treatment.

What are the advantages of a spray tan over UV? Spray tanning Fake Bake is an alternative to tanning by exposing the skin to UVA/UVB. One spray tan treatment is equivalent to around six sunbed sessions. Spray tanning is much safer than risking prolonged over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Trends Hair Salon is a professionally run hairdressers based in NN2 Northampton.

Our prices are highly competitive. We can offer Group-Discounts and Group-Packages.

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Trends Hair and Beauty NN2 Northampton
Trends Hair Salon - Hairdressers and stylists in NN2 Northampton Ladies and gents hair salon NN2 Northampton Ladies and gents hair salon in NN2 Northampton

Tel: (01604) 713421.
Address: Trends Hair Studio,
52 Kingsley Park Terrace,
NN2 7HH.

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